Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I keep being told that I will get used to the cold weather.
It may take more than eight years.
This Florida girl is ready for Summer.  I’m sure that’s a topic that we all deal with when we have to deal with snow and zero below weather.

Now, I know what you are going to say when you read the next line.
I miss the winter’s in Tennessee.
Yes, there is a HUGE difference. It gets cold, but never this cold.
Winter’s in Kentucky have been brutal.
I am fully aware that there are other states that are way colder than Kentucky. This is just a Florida girl in a cold state)

I miss my little farm house. What I miss is the wood stove.
That heat! It is just amazing!
Not only that but the view. The little farm house was in a corner of 300 acres that the landlord owned. It was just breathtaking. It took two months for this city girl to be able to fall asleep with all the noise that surrounded the house.
Noise you ask. Well, the crickets and all the other critters that would be out at night.
It became something I fell in love with and miss greatly.
Here is a picture of a gorgeous tree that provided amazing shade in the summer
(that wicked kitty watermark mine. Purr baby)

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to start planning the mud runs I will be volunteering at, and possibly a few photo trips now that I am no longer sans camera. 
 Oh and how can I forget BASEBALL season. 
Not just the MLB but my son’s baseball season.
I’ve been planning already trips to the batting cages and to the park so he can get as much practice in as he can. (Batting cage trips now, park when it’s warmer

I hope everyone stays warm. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Are you a planner?

I've been out of sorts lately due to this change of weather. It's cold for a few days and then it warms up for a few days.

So, are you a planner? Or do you wait to the last minute.

I am a planner. I start making plans months ahead of time to make sure we're getting a good deal, find out more about the area we are visiting and much more. Well we're heading to Florida for Thanksgiving. Short trip. Very short trip. My family lives in Florida and I miss them. So we're heading down on Wednesday morning. Should get there Thursday late afternoon.  My mom gets to see tiny and he gets to meet his cousins. Oh, my sister gets to see him. the last time she saw him he was 9 months old. He's 6.

I already have the house in order. I don't like coming back from any type of trip to a messy house. Who wants to clean after unloading a car?  Not this girl.

Tonight I will be prepping the snacks for the road trip. That way on Wednesday I will just have to get the lunch meat ready.  Once I'm done with the food I'll be sorting clothes. I just put away all of our summer clothes.  So we'll need layers for this trip. I know once we hit the Georgia/Florida line we'll be shedding all winter clothing.

Since it's hard for me to find any spices that I can only find in Florida, I have a list ready. Best part about driving down is not having to worry about TSA regulations.  I get to stock up on spices and Cuban Coffee. Of course there will be Cuban pastries but I cannot promise they will even survive most of the trip.

If you ever feel overwhelmed when you are planning for a trip, do a search on the internet for trip planners. You will find a lot of free printables that will help. You can even search on Pinterest.

I think I figured it out....

It's been a bit of a trying time getting used to blogger on a mobile device. 
It just wasn't working out on my phone. 
Well, my hubby got me a Windows tablet for Christmas. 

I cannot wait to try it out. 
It's going to be easier to edit pictures and my post. 

Wishing you all a swift recovery after the holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mobile app we are not friends

So I downloaded the Blogger mobile app.
I thought it would be awesome not having to depend on my laptop.

Well, I just noticed not one of my post have been
published for the last couple of weeks.
 Once I get home I'll be posting several post. 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow Day

My first official snow day at home.  

I didn't have to worry about calling in and it felt good. Not only that, I forgot about my blog. I did! Not having to call in to work and be reminded that it counts against me and how it will hover over my head for the about three months. Now the only problem I had was trying to figure out what to do with him.  

Gotta love the internet.  

Went to my part time job. Which he totally loved. I'm just enjoying the fact that he loves hanging out with me while I still can.  Once we left there I asked him what he wanted to do and he said go home and stay warm. That is exactly what we did. 

How do you spend your snow days? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

Have you ever paid for someone's coffee? Meal?

Why not?

There is an older homeless gentlemen that I would see often during winter at Starbucks.
I would purchase a gift card and ask the manager to give it to the gentlemen.
His name is Willie.
Willie somehow figured out that the person that was buying him the gift cards was me. I asked him how he figured out. He said that no one ever says hello to him or even smiles at him.
He's a veteran that does not have family. 
He wasn't able to find work for some time and that's how he became homeless. 

So after talking to him, any card I purchased I would give it to him.
Seeing him smile just warmed my heart.

When I wasn't always able to buy a gift card.
I made snack packages and I would give them to any homeless person I saw.
It contained a granola bar, a fruit snack pack & a capri sun.
A sandwich bag with these three items would make them smile.

I had a man ask me why I was giving him the bag. I replied why not. 
Why should I let you dig through the garbage for a snack or for a meal.
When he started to cry he said he was happy to see that people still care.

So how about you help a friend, a family member or a stranger?

You can be completely anonymous.
It would make that persons day. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Share your time

I know, youre probably saying I dont have time to Share .  

30 minutes at a church, community center or at your child
s school ( or niece/nephews  school).  I let me sons teacher know that Im available to help her. All she needs to do is let me know. I stay in contact with her to remind her, plus I have offered to make items (banners, nametags, signs) 
for her classroom.

I am usually in the mud in the summer. I am an active volunteer for Tough Mudder Mud Runs.  I cannot tell you how excited I get when I am able to sign up to volunteer for Tough Mudder.
If I am not volunteering, Im in the mud, I am participating in mud runs. to name a few, The Dirty Girl, Mud Stash, Run for you Lives (unfortunately this one is no longer in business)  and I will be running my first Tough Mudder this year in Kentucky.

But it really doesnt matter where you volunteer as long as you get out there and help someone. If you know an elderly person that does not have family near by, ask them if they need help. Bring them a meal, sit down and talk to them.  What may seem like something so simple and tiny, may be huge to them.
So get online or pick up the phone and make some calls to see where you can volunteer.