Monday, May 16, 2011

Autograph book reviews are in ...

So my friend Christie that went to Disney.
( I made the Mickey autograph book for her daughter )
Tells me that she was being stopped & asked where she bought the book.
The characters were even asking her about the book!!!
People were taking pictures of my book!!!
I have been so geeked out about that all day !

Here's the book:
And since I put her name on the book, all the characters wrote
her name when they signed the book!!

lil hands

So I wanted to make something different for momma & granpa from lil man.

I couldn't think of anything until Hunter got into my paint : )

This is what I made:

Used Making Memories paint & stamps

So now they have a lil something of lil man every day :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for passing by this weekend!

Hope everyone had an awesome Mother's day!!

Smooches to you all 


Thank you all for passing by and sharing your stories!

I am so glad to hear from everyone.

Here are a few links that I would love to share with you all:

If there are any sites you would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments. 

In 2001 I participated in a 3day walk to raise money for Breast Cancer.
I will never forget this one lady. I never got her name.
It was the second day and I was exhausted from the heat (this was in Miami, FL).
They have vehicles that drive around and pick up walkers that are injured or tired.
Well, right when I was about to wave down this van, this woman comes up behind me and starts
talking to me. About what? Anything.
Next thing I know I walk an extra 3 miles to the next rest stop with her.
She told me "If you fee like giving up remember me", and gave me a bracelet.
Had had to have a breast removed due to cancer.
I was wearing the bracelet everyday as a reminder to never give up, BUT
when I saw that it was chipped I just couldn't risk not being able to replace it.

I can tell you that the walk was an emotional roller coaster,
And I want to do it again.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello everyone!!

Thanks so much for joining me on my blog hop!

I kept trying to come up with a theme for a hop that was already done.

Then it hit me. My fiance's 6 year Cancer free anniversary is right around the corner,
celebrate that.

So here we are!

Let me introduce you all to Dan Carroll.
He was 24 when he found out he had Testicular Cancer.
At that age one never thinks something like that can happen to them.
Dan went through very extenisve Chemotherapy and surgery.

This is Dan after his first Chemo treatment
Not only did his life change but his entire family lives changed.
He continued his Chemo and constant Doctor visit.
During good & bad weather.

Here's Dan toward the end of his Treatment.

Here's Dan today with is #1 fan at Hunter's first Reds game.

So six years later, Dan is still Cancer free and has his own fan club (Hunter & me)

Thank you all so much again for joining me on my first hop that is so close & dear to my heart!

Here are some amazing women you need to see:

Here's my first card.

The theme I used for this one is HOPE
I used the Cindy Loo cart for the background and the H.

I will have a give away posted later today.
**I just moved and I need to find my usb cable :)  **

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Glo's Bday Hop
HockeyScrap said...
Both cards are great. I'm being challenged to use my Cricut Disney cartridges for more than layouts! Great job inspiring me.

Rosie's week long Bday celebration
I'm a new follower. Love your card. I never decorate the back of my cards, and I love how yours looks. Thanks for the inspiration.

ScrappinAnn said...
Hi. I am a new follower. Your card is wonderful. You sure did show him! :)
What a wonderful prize, thanks for the chance to win. I will back to see other creations.
ScrappinAnn at gmail dot com


First blog hop!!

This weekend I am having my first blog hop!!
Make sure to pass by. I will have a great give away
and an awesome line up!!


I have to pick a new winner for Glo's bday hop.
That person has not contacted me.

I will be picking a winner for Rosie's week long bday celebration!

If I do not hear back from you in two weeks, a new winner will be selected.

Thanks to all that participated!!