Sunday, July 31, 2011

Manual Labor - The saga continues

Well this will explain why the Summer is the busiest time for me.

Momma plants her garden after Mother's Day.
Of course that calls for pulllilng weeds, much use of the tiller,
lawn mower
 (riding & push) & fixing the raised beds.

Well, it's been quite some time now and the garden is HUGE!!
It has grown so fast, you can't even see the sprinklers she has in the rows.
Today I help pull weeds.  Well it was a two day process.

This is what I pulled from the first raised bed.

(lil man wanted to help) :)

I didn't take a before shot but if you look at the second raised bed, that will show you what I have been wrestling with. Needless to say the rows have to be worked on as well.
That my dear friends will happen during the week.

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