Monday, August 1, 2011

Cocktails & Dreams Hop --- Hosted by Gill M.

You’re heading in the right the direction if you just came from
When I saw that Gill was having a hop themed
after Cocktails & Dreams, well the first thing that popped into my mind was, “If you like Pina Coladas”!
Well, I do have to admit. I miss driving down to the Keys
to the Tiki Bar or all the way to Key West
to have a nice cold beverage at Sloppy Joes.
So that’s where my first idea floated in from.
I used:
Files from
Stamp card in a lite Green edge with a lime green stamp
Brown, Yellow, light Blue, Orange, White cardstock Satmpin' Up
Stickles: Diamond, Orange, Yellow, Magneta, Green
Sunny FL file
Barefoot Bliss
Coconut Drink
are all from Tropical friends file 

For my next project, well the idea actually came from my Fiancé.
When I mentioned something about going out to have a few drinks with friends, his reply was “Oh group therapy”.

I used:
Brown Cardstock from Stampin’ Up
a light green & light brown swirled print
Printed both sides with Chopin Script
light green & tan ribbon
Vellum for the glass
Green Stickle
Faded green piece for the drink

So, as the Zac Brown Band says,
I got my toes in the water
tush in the sand
Not a worry in the world
a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today, Life is good today

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  1. WOW Maria these are fantastic - i am right there with you at the keys sipping on a long cold pina colada - in my head that is but the reality is i have to get up for work !! thank you for sharing your cocktails and dreams and for taking part.

  2. Wow! I love the scrapbook page! Barefoot bliss just makes you want to feel sand between your toes! Walking long with a cocktail, sounds fab! The page is fab! The card is great too, you could make more and use them as invites for friends to a special night out!

    Well done!

    Lisa xx (I'm a new follower)

  3. Love it, Love it, Love it!! Hugsxx

  4. Maria both these project are awesome! I love them both:-) and love the group therapy line!
    Creativestamperspot@gmail dot com

  5. so cute and thanks for sharing


  6. What a wonderful creative site and love the projects, takes me back to the Keys--- TFS

  7. I love this!!!!!!Now I want to go to the Keys----Thanks for always being so creative and so much fun.
    Hugs, Anita

  8. Oh Maria! This first card is so cute and I love the little pina colada, but when I saw that second card and read where the idea came from, I started laughing and i am still smiling! Love that idea - I could use some group therapy right now. I need to borrow that line if you don't mind!

  9. wow Maria, these are great projects! Love the colors!


    becky.mayhewlear AT gmail DOT com

  10. Two brilliant projects Maria and that trip down to Sloppy Joe's sounds magical:) Sorry for the late comment but blogger was playing up!
    Val x