Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

Have you ever paid for someone's coffee? Meal?

Why not?

There is an older homeless gentlemen that I would see often during winter at Starbucks.
I would purchase a gift card and ask the manager to give it to the gentlemen.
His name is Willie.
Willie somehow figured out that the person that was buying him the gift cards was me. I asked him how he figured out. He said that no one ever says hello to him or even smiles at him.
He's a veteran that does not have family. 
He wasn't able to find work for some time and that's how he became homeless. 

So after talking to him, any card I purchased I would give it to him.
Seeing him smile just warmed my heart.

When I wasn't always able to buy a gift card.
I made snack packages and I would give them to any homeless person I saw.
It contained a granola bar, a fruit snack pack & a capri sun.
A sandwich bag with these three items would make them smile.

I had a man ask me why I was giving him the bag. I replied why not. 
Why should I let you dig through the garbage for a snack or for a meal.
When he started to cry he said he was happy to see that people still care.

So how about you help a friend, a family member or a stranger?

You can be completely anonymous.
It would make that persons day. 

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