Monday, November 10, 2014


I had no idea what that meant,
until now.

I recently lost my job and now Im a
stay at home mom.

the first two days were rough.
 I was literally stressing so much I gave myself a migraine.

then I told myself the same exact words I told my friend Stephanie right before her last day.
this place is going to keep going without you. They will not stop to wonder how you are doing or care if you are okay.

for seven years I worked with the fear of calling in due to policies that benefit the company more than it would ever benefit an employee. If I called in because my son was sick, I was quickly reminded that I could lose my bonus or my job.
Now, I can say that the migraine is gone.
the worrying
. Gone.

I get to spend more time with tiny. He
s excited that he doesnt have to ride the bus anymore. Dan is happy that dinner is ready when he gets home. Laundry isnt a three day ordeal..
A new chapter in our lives, in my life has started.

now i have time for my etsy store and a ton of pinterest projects.

so y'all come back and check out the projects that i'll be posting.


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