Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Share your time

I know, youre probably saying I dont have time to Share .  

30 minutes at a church, community center or at your child
s school ( or niece/nephews  school).  I let me sons teacher know that Im available to help her. All she needs to do is let me know. I stay in contact with her to remind her, plus I have offered to make items (banners, nametags, signs) 
for her classroom.

I am usually in the mud in the summer. I am an active volunteer for Tough Mudder Mud Runs.  I cannot tell you how excited I get when I am able to sign up to volunteer for Tough Mudder.
If I am not volunteering, Im in the mud, I am participating in mud runs. to name a few, The Dirty Girl, Mud Stash, Run for you Lives (unfortunately this one is no longer in business)  and I will be running my first Tough Mudder this year in Kentucky.

But it really doesnt matter where you volunteer as long as you get out there and help someone. If you know an elderly person that does not have family near by, ask them if they need help. Bring them a meal, sit down and talk to them.  What may seem like something so simple and tiny, may be huge to them.
So get online or pick up the phone and make some calls to see where you can volunteer.

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