Saturday, December 27, 2014

Are you a planner?

I've been out of sorts lately due to this change of weather. It's cold for a few days and then it warms up for a few days.

So, are you a planner? Or do you wait to the last minute.

I am a planner. I start making plans months ahead of time to make sure we're getting a good deal, find out more about the area we are visiting and much more. Well we're heading to Florida for Thanksgiving. Short trip. Very short trip. My family lives in Florida and I miss them. So we're heading down on Wednesday morning. Should get there Thursday late afternoon.  My mom gets to see tiny and he gets to meet his cousins. Oh, my sister gets to see him. the last time she saw him he was 9 months old. He's 6.

I already have the house in order. I don't like coming back from any type of trip to a messy house. Who wants to clean after unloading a car?  Not this girl.

Tonight I will be prepping the snacks for the road trip. That way on Wednesday I will just have to get the lunch meat ready.  Once I'm done with the food I'll be sorting clothes. I just put away all of our summer clothes.  So we'll need layers for this trip. I know once we hit the Georgia/Florida line we'll be shedding all winter clothing.

Since it's hard for me to find any spices that I can only find in Florida, I have a list ready. Best part about driving down is not having to worry about TSA regulations.  I get to stock up on spices and Cuban Coffee. Of course there will be Cuban pastries but I cannot promise they will even survive most of the trip.

If you ever feel overwhelmed when you are planning for a trip, do a search on the internet for trip planners. You will find a lot of free printables that will help. You can even search on Pinterest.

I think I figured it out....

It's been a bit of a trying time getting used to blogger on a mobile device. 
It just wasn't working out on my phone. 
Well, my hubby got me a Windows tablet for Christmas. 

I cannot wait to try it out. 
It's going to be easier to edit pictures and my post. 

Wishing you all a swift recovery after the holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mobile app we are not friends

So I downloaded the Blogger mobile app.
I thought it would be awesome not having to depend on my laptop.

Well, I just noticed not one of my post have been
published for the last couple of weeks.
 Once I get home I'll be posting several post. 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.