Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I keep being told that I will get used to the cold weather.
It may take more than eight years.
This Florida girl is ready for Summer.  I’m sure that’s a topic that we all deal with when we have to deal with snow and zero below weather.

Now, I know what you are going to say when you read the next line.
I miss the winter’s in Tennessee.
Yes, there is a HUGE difference. It gets cold, but never this cold.
Winter’s in Kentucky have been brutal.
I am fully aware that there are other states that are way colder than Kentucky. This is just a Florida girl in a cold state)

I miss my little farm house. What I miss is the wood stove.
That heat! It is just amazing!
Not only that but the view. The little farm house was in a corner of 300 acres that the landlord owned. It was just breathtaking. It took two months for this city girl to be able to fall asleep with all the noise that surrounded the house.
Noise you ask. Well, the crickets and all the other critters that would be out at night.
It became something I fell in love with and miss greatly.
Here is a picture of a gorgeous tree that provided amazing shade in the summer
(that wicked kitty watermark mine. Purr baby)

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to start planning the mud runs I will be volunteering at, and possibly a few photo trips now that I am no longer sans camera. 
 Oh and how can I forget BASEBALL season. 
Not just the MLB but my son’s baseball season.
I’ve been planning already trips to the batting cages and to the park so he can get as much practice in as he can. (Batting cage trips now, park when it’s warmer

I hope everyone stays warm.